10 and more head embroidery

10 and more head embroidery machines



TFGN-C Serie
  The powerful embroidery machines from the TFGN-C series are delivered as free-arm machines, mainly with 10 or 12 heads, and mostly used for large production volumes of caps and tubular goods. The advantages are high productivity in all areas of application with a maximum embroidery speed of 1100 St./min. And this with very low operating noise. The stitch data are read in using a 3.5" diskette drive. All functions can be easily entered and monitored by the user with a 12.1" LCD touch panel.

Features like automatic upper and under thread trimming devices with upper and under thread breakage detection are of course included. The embroidery heads can be fitted as required with 6, 9, 12 or 15 stitching needles.

Each stitching needle has a thread clamp for the ideal clamping of the thread. Special equipment like, for example, sequin device for left and/or right from 3 mm, cord or boring device can be supplied optionally.

Using the optional cylindrical frame, shirt pockets can easily be embroidered without having to separate the seams. This also applies for the embroidering of jacket sleeves, trouser legs etc, in fact all small diameter goods.

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