MOUNTEK has a large selection of new and used embroidery machines, with the right products for beginners and also for passionate professionals.

The main emphasis of our range is Tajima, the world's leading producer of embroidery machines. The Tajima company has sold embroidery machines for more than 40 years and produces technologically high-quality products and exports to more than 100 countries.

Tajima free-arm embroidery machines


From 1 to 12 embroidery heads

he perfect free-arm embroidery machines for great and small, delivered as standard with applications for cap and free arm embroidery.
Choose from the range here:
link-deco.gif TEJT II-C 1 head
link-deco.gif TFMX - C 1 head
link-deco.gif TFMX - II C 2 - 8 heads
link-deco.gif TFGN - C 10 / 12 heads

Tajima flat bed embroidery machines


From 4 to 50 embroidery heads

Flat bed embroidery machines for larger embroidery tasks, for embroidering garments and for border-frame embroidery.
Choose from the range here:
link-deco.gif TFSN 12 / 15 / 20 heads
link-deco.gif TFGN 4 - 50 heads

Tajima special embroidery machines


From 1 to 30 embroidery heads

These special machines are mostly used in the clothing industry.
Available ranges:
link-deco.gif TLMX 1 - 15 heads
link-deco.gif TCMX 12 / 15 / 20 heads

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